10 questions to ask your client when designing their brand / logo

Here’s a set of ten questions we ask clients when designing a new brand.

Your Target Audience

  1. Who is your brand for?
  2. What are they thinking?
  3. How are these users encouraged to become your customers?
  4. Thinking about mobile device habits, which “micro moments” in your customers’ lives might we be targeting?
  5. Why might your customers choose you?

Your Competitors

  1. Who are your nearest competitors?
  2. How are you different?

Your Style

  1. Give three or more examples of brands you love.
  2. Give one or more examples of brands or designs that you dislike (or HATE!).
  3. Do you have any particular colours you would like featured?

Then design starts!

With the answers to the above ten questions, we kick off the design process.